Our Standards

Standards are what makes a company a company.  Everyone has their own standards but we follow several simple rules


Respect is a very broad statement and we apply it to several areas of our business defining each one separately.  In Bike Tours New York Respect is defined for the following groups

Customers – Customers are our primary source of business and by choosing Bike Tours New York we promise our unwavering support in your adventure.  All people are different with different demands and standards.  We will do our best to meet and exceed your expectations.  We appreciate that you choose us as your traveling partner and we will do everything in our abilities to make your experience a great one.

Partners/Vendors – Creating bicycle tours is no easy task and is done by partnering up and working together with multiple companies and people.  We as a company hold those companies to the highest standard while providing them with our support and respect towards their jobs.  We work together as partners to bring our customers the best experience possible.

Employees/Tour Guides – Our employees are a beating heart of our enterprise and deserve the most amount of care and respect.  Their attitude and productivity is directly affected on their working environment.  We have the utmost respect for everyone who works for Bike Tours.  This is hard work and these people are away from their families catering to others.  Lets show them the same respect you yourselves demand

Environment – The reason why we can enjoy our bike rides is because of the beauty mother nature has provided for us.  At Bike Tours New York we are serious about respecting our surrounding.  We don’t throw garbage anywhere along the routes, we try to use our vans in the most efficient way possible.


You are here to have a good time and we are here to give it to you.  We are also here to enjoy ourselves and that means we don’t want to deal with broken equipment.  We want to provide for a high level of comfort and as low maintenance as possible during our rides.  We chose comfortable vans, we do extensive research and work with our bicycle partners in the bicycle industry to provide you with great bicycles.  We ride the routes our selves to make sure we are not putting anyone in danger and know where we might have unsafe areas.  We try our best in foreseeing and being prepared for the unforeseeable.


We stand behind our product and are proud of what we are doing.  We will answer everything as direct as possible.  There is nothing to hide.  We are a small company with dedicated people whose interest is to make sure this company succeeds and our customers have a good time.  We will address any issues before any tour begins and will try our best to address any issues that arise during the trips.