The Experience

Most of us keep a 9-5 which usually means that when you do have those precious few days to get away, you don’t want to do something that you will regret later.  At Bike Tours New York our goal is to provide for an incredible time to our customers.  We understand that everyone works hard but deserve to play harder.

What we do is provide an adventure.  An adventure where you go off the beaten path and do something that a regular tourist or even a local New Yorker wouldn’t normally do.  You will visit places or ride through towns that you would never see or know about if you are going from Point A to Point B on a highway.  Our experience is all about the world around us and all the wonderful things that we are missing in our daily lives.

Its always exciting to visit new places and seeing things you otherwise wouldn’t see.  Each place is unique and offers something different.  There are multiple ways to travel but none offer the same interaction with your surroundings like bicycling.  You can smell, see, touch, feel everything around you.  You can’t do the same riding in a car or looking at the sites from a window of a bus.