The Gunks


Just off the New York State Thruway where thousands of cars pass everyday lies a hidden treasure an area known as The Gunks.  Gunks is a formation which was formed millions of years ago during the last ice age.  It was carved out during the last glacial retreat.  Riding in The Gunks is undoubtedly one of the most fun things to do while visiting New York City.  You will enjoy the amazing views and will have a chance to take a dip in several lakes during our ride

We will deliver you and your bike to the starting point of the loop that will traverse some of the most picturesque scenery in New York.  You can ride at your own pace.  This is a self guided ride.  We just provide transportation to and from the location along with your equipment.

You’ll pedal and average of 10 miles during the ride with multiple opportunities to stop and soak in the scenery and weather permitting swimming in one of the amazing lakes during our ride.

Caution: During this ride you might experience the following

Fresh air, awe inspiring scenery, great people, fresh water, smell of nature and lots of Fun.  Ride at your own risk

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TYPE:  Self Guided Bicycle Day Trip

TIME: Approximately 3 hour saddle time


RENTAL: We are happy to take your personal bike but we will provide a bicycle rental if needed

PRICE: $85